Our Story

Everyone has a story to tell. I've devoured books and stories for as long as I can remember.  The desire to learn about other people has always driven me to ask questions. The answers are usually just the beginning of their story. 

My name is Stacey Sherman, and I'm here to make sure your story is heard.  I was always the quiet one in the corner absorbing all of the knowledge and information I could.  I started RSP after many years of being that person everyone always went to for help with their essays, speeches, presentations, whatever.  I was the "fixer."  Not in some old school mob sense (although that might be pretty cool), but the "word fixer."  I take your words and make them better; more concise, prettier ~ however you want to look at it.  So after years of doing that for free, someone asked me why I wasn't charging for my services.  I thought, "Why DON'T I charge people? What I do is important and has value."  RSP became official and I've worked with clients ranging from rock stars and beauty queens to indie musicians and bloggers just starting out.

Years in the radio and record industry helped me make a lot of connections and I realized that there was always someone who needed something from someone else.  Usually, I was able to tap into my network and get things done or at least make an introduction.  Woo hoo!! Another valuable service!  I can coordinate full blown press tours or help write a simple bio and get the word out through various media outlets. So now I bring people together to help develop relationships - because we're all people and if we can work together to make things better, why not?  

At RSP I am able to use all that time spent learning about people and asking questions to find what is important about each individual client.  What makes them tick?  Why are they special?  How do they want to impact their world?  What are their dreams?  How can I help?  One of the first things I tell my clients is that they ARE special and important.  Customer service, making people feel at ease and exceeding expectations - that is just how I roll.  All of those tiny details that most people breeze right over?  Not so, at RSP.  You like to have written copy points before a presentation?  Done. You prefer no pulp in your morning orange juice?  Pulp free it is.  You’re always 20 minutes late?  I'll set your watch ahead.  Want to feed an elephant?  Stock up on jellybeans. (that's what they eat!)  Pay attention to people.  When they are talking and when they aren’t.  You can learn a lot. 

Everyone is special in their own way - it's up to me to find out what it is.  We all have things to learn and things to teach.  RSP provides the means to make that happen.  Your story is important and you never know who you can inspire or help by sharing your journey with someone else. 

Stand out.  Be important.  Help others.

All of those things are possible when you work with RSP Entertainment Marketing.  Let me help tell your story ~ because having something to say and nobody to hear it never ends well.  This Rock Star Princess thinks everyone should live happily ever after ~ and you're never too old for fairy tales.