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Music! Food! Drinks! Shopping! Day 3 at SXSW

Wednesday was another bright and shiny day in Austin.  Good thing, because SXSW isn’t all eating and drinking (although that is a good chunk of it) and work still has to get done.  This is a music conference and…

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SXSW Day 2 - Transportation Options

It was a beautiful day to be out and about in Austin!  But first, a stop at the Convention Center for badge pick up.  The majority of the showcases and events during SXSW don’t require credentials for entry, but…

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SXSW Arrival Day

SXSW has certainly descended upon Austin….  Lyft set up a hot pink vintage VW van in baggage claim to greet people at the airport and masses of (presumably) musicians were slinging guitar cases into cars at passenger pick up, so…

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Girl Power at SXSW

Never Underestimate the Power of Women, Music and Tacos!

What happens when three artists who have only interacted on social media get together and decide to play an unofficial SXSW showcase?  The Ladybeast Trifecta is born!! I was lucky enough…

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South by Yeah, Don't Plan On It

Working The Corner of Red River and 6th Street

South by – yeah, don’t plan on it….I got back from my very first SXSW experience earlier this week and I’m still suffering the after effects of the crazy hours, travel…Read more

We Are a GRAMMY® Family

I Got All My Indies With Me  

When last we left our sparkly shod heroine, she was limping out of The Soiree at the House of Blues after a flurry of GRAMMY® related fun the Friday prior to the broadcast…Read more