Welcome to RSP Entertainment Marketing!  We are all about developing relationships to help bring people together. Life is about making connections and sharing knowledge. RSP promotes clients and coordinates all aspects of media, event, publicity and image presentation. Everyone has a story to tell. Let RSP make sure yours is heard. 

Our clients receive one on one personal attention and a customized plan based on their specific PR needs.  Whether it is a simple rewrite and updating of a bio, a press release to let the media know about an upcoming CD release, securing corporate sponsorships or planning a full blown press tour ~ RSP Entertainment Marketing will handle everything.  Visit our "Contact" page and ask what we can do to help you.  No request is too big or too small. We want to make sure others feel special.  Because they are.

I'll take it!

Sometimes when you deal with the public, you never know if they are hearing what you say. Check....check.... is this thing on? Whether it is a client who continues to do the exact opposite of what you tell them; people who ask the same question over and over; or a social media post that seems to get no traffic. Writers tell stories in order to reach people, to make some tiny difference in someone's day; even if it is just putting a smile on their face. Well, guess this review I wrote for the Oakland Press was read and made some sort of difference to Whitesnake. David Coverdale certainly put a smile on MY face with his personal thank you Tweet!!

What people are saying about RSP.....

"Stacey!  You are amazing woman!!!! I truly love how you listened to me on the call and were truly able to capture and say so much better than I ever could; all the things I wanted to communicate about myself."  
~  Classic Cauley, Singer, Songwriter, and Model

"One of the best PR agencies I've worked with. She is one of the very few to make sure she connect with promoters like myself on a personal level."  ~ The Dutch Guy, Blogger, DJ, Music Expert 

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